Top three NFL Picks for Sunday September 25th

Top Play: Pittsburgh Steelers -3 over New England

I’ve seen some pundits weigh in at the Patriots, announcing they’ll be “greater focused” after dropping at Carolina. I do not consider a lack of attention plays into this one that a great deal. Patriots are a championship crew that is continually centered, however absolutely are having problems in two key aspects of the sport.

They could not run the ball, nor stop the run final week. Losing Bruschi is a factor in any case, no marvel to many as he and Harrison had been the coronary heart and soul 꽁머니 사이트 of the D final 12 months. Problem is Harrison is a saftety, so his presence is now and again negated.

Offensively, they haven’t been able to get Corey Dillon going, and could have a tough time doing so this week in opposition to this Steeler D.

If this have been a playoff game, I’d possibly have to lay off this one, as Cowher has the habit on not triumphing the big video games at domestic. This hasn’t been a hassle inside the everyday season, as evienced via the way they took apart the Eagles and these identical Pats in 2004 everyday season.

Willie Parker has completed a super job stepping up for Bettis 꽁머니 and Staley, Big Ben seems better than he did whilst he took over final 12 months. Pittsburgh looks as if the exceptional group in the AFC and maybe the whole NFL after weeks, and I agree with they must win this recreation at home simpler than most people think.

New England receives respect (as they have to) for what they’ve completed the last few years. They are nonetheless the crew to beat while January rolls around, But RIGHT NOW Pittsburgh is truly the higher team.

Top Play: Pittsburgh -3

Regular play: Falcons/Bills UNDER 37

Now that it appears Vick will play, this overall has been set at 37. Not satisfied that Vick may not run, however the only query is how a great deal he’s going to be able to move round.

Bills even have a scrambling quarterback, and after closing week’s overall performance, it’s miles even extra clean that this offense runs thru RB McGahee. Not scared of both any such QB’s hurting the opposing D with their arm.

2 outstanding protection, gonna be difficult to drive the sector for either offense. Both teams will need to pressure turnovers and deliver the offense a quick field to be successful.

As long as Vick and Losman does not hurt their teams with awful decisions, should be a 13-10 or 16-thirteen type game.

Regular play: Bills/Falcons UNDER 37

Regular play: St. Louis Rams -6 1/2 over Tennessee

After an embarrassing loss at San Fran, the Rams showed a few sturdiness through coming lower back and triumphing inside the wasteland vs. Arizona. Anyone who reads my writeups knows I’m surely no Martz fan, however his stubbornness will truely be a bonus this week.

Martz abandons the run too early maximum of the time, however towards a younger, inexperienced Titans secondary, they have to skip the ball a group this week.